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"Excellent format with great balance of guest and speaker.  Enjoy the diversity and intellect of this fine program.  Excellent content." 
"Bill has a good mix of humor and sincerity, which provides for a very entertaining and educational show." 

"I get the chance to be on everything from CNN and Fox News Channel to smaller radio and TV shows around the USA and abroad.  It often shocks me to see how IDIOTIC some hosts in highly paid positions are.  So, it always is a pleasure to have a long, animated, even 'heated' discussion with the host and not want to 'Kill Bill'." 
"It's not the usual talking head, Q & A show, it's a compelling conversation that will hold your interest from the beginning through the 'Ask Bill 3' at the end.  It's always very interesting and CAN be inadvertently comical." 
"Bill is the man to listen to when you want to learn all about interviewing.  He can be brutal at times, but always brings out the truth." 
"A podcast original.  The host is a true gentleman, who, while not necessarily agreeing with his guest's point of view, provides a fair and honest forum in which opinions and ideas are freely expressed, something that is sorely lacking in otherwise 'professional' talk shows as of late.  Truly a must listen."

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October 29,  2007:   You Are The Guest - The Movie

Alright YATG Fans, how many guests can you name without going through the website?

October 8,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 90"

Guest:  Darius Radmanesh from Kirksville, Missouri

Darius Radmanesh was born in the U.S. to an American mother and an Iranian father.  Darius has written a book based on the true life experiences that he and his family endured during the nine years they were held hostage in Iran until he was helped by the U.S. State Department to escape from Iran in 1987.  Darius tells about the day Hezbollah grabbed him off the street and sent him to fight in the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980's to show that an American had given his life for the Khomeini regime. Dar also describes how he was able to escape from the Iranian Army and how he lived in the mountains for a year with a nomadic people named the Qashqai.

Darius Radmanesh
Escape From Iran
Our Guest
Darius Radmanesh
Darius Radmanesh's Book
Escape From Iran

September 24,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 89"

Guest:  Imran Anwar from New York

Imran Anwar is back to discuss Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan, India, Iran, nuclear weapons, and how they're all connected.  We talk about Osama's recent call for Pakistanis to rebel against President Musharraf, and what types of political and military actions may accelerate the Iranian nuclear situation.  Imran also talks about his recent visit to Pakistan and share his observations on what the political climate is there and how America is seen today.  Imran asks me who do I think the next President will be, what is my opinion on the bailout of the financial industry, and if it was a good thing for the Iranian president not to be invited to the recent Ground Zero ceremonies.

Imran Anwar ImranTalkingHeads
Check out Imran's website
Imran's Appearances on CNN and Fox News Channel

September 3,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 88"

Guest:  William R. Patterson from Washington, D.C.

Author and financial expert for XM Satellite Radio's 169 The Power, William R. Patterson, joins us to talk about the financial crunch in the housing market, credit card companies, and how to avoid the financial pitfalls that many people fall into.  William shares some of the horror stories that people have told him concerning today's housing and lending problems, and we discuss who is to blame for the problems facing the housing market today.  William asks me what things could have accelerated my success when I started my own business 5 years ago, if there was a major set back in my life that actually became a stepping stone to greater success, and what kind of a legacy would I want to leave behind in life and the world.

William R. Patterson
Our Guest from Washington, D.C.
William R. Patterson

August 20,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 87"

Guest:  Sondra from Los Angeles, California

Filmmaker Sondra Lowell joins us and talks about how she invented the "Film Sleepy" genre by making films that are made to put the audience to sleep.  Sondra talks about what makes a film sleepy and tells about her book "How to Make a Movie That Puts the Audience to Sleep".  I ask Sondra the difference between a film that's boring and a film that's sleepy, and the difference between being a visionary and being crazy.  I also put the new film sleepy movie genre though a few common sense scenarios.  Sondra asks me how I would market a movie that puts people to sleep, how I promoted my podcast, and would I be open to watch a movie that puts the audience to sleep.

Sondra Lowell
Our Guest from Los Angeles
Sondra Lowell
The Trailer for Sondra Lowell's "Film Sleepy"

July 30,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 86"

Guest:  Alex and Lyndon from London, United Kingdom (Part 2)

As promised, here is Part 2 of my conversation with Alex and Lyndon of the band "3 Blind Mice".  In this half Alex, Lyndon, and I talk about religion, faith, doubt, and tolerance.  If you haven't heard the first part yet, be sure to listen to Show # 83.  Enjoy!

Alex and Lyndon - 3 Blind Mice 3 Blind Mice - Good Grief
Our Guests from London
Alex (front) and Lyndon
Check Out "Good Grief"
3 Blind Mice

July 16,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 85"

Guest:  Art Lindsey from Peoria, Illinois

Podcaster, blogger, and Internet radio guru Art Lindsey joins us from Peoria to share his thoughts on radio and politics.  Art shares his thoughts on what the vibe is politically around the country, why liberal radio talk shows seem to fail, and if the Democratic lead Congress and their poor performance record will hurt the Democratic nominee in 2008.  We also talk in length about 10 candidates for President in which he gives me a thumbs up or thumbs down rating on each.  Art  asks me why I stopped broadcasting, what is Fort Dodge like, and what do I see as the future for podcasting, terrestrial radio, and satellite radio.

Art Lindsey III RizWords Politics and Tech
Our Guest from Peoria, Illinios
Art Lindsey III
Art & Mark Talk Tech and Politics:


July 2,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 84"

Guest:  Vern Beachy from Carroll, Iowa

When the calendar hits July, it's time for our mid-year "news in review" with award winning journalist Vern Beachy.  Vern and I talk about the stories that count and discuss why news rooms shove the stories we don't want to hear about down our throats.  Topics include the biggest taxpayer and consumer rip-off, the most over hyped tech fad, and our "Hosebag of the Year" candidates for 2007.   I also get Vern's thoughts on 10 presidential candidates as he rates them on a scale of 1 to 10 on how they're doing so far.  Vern asks me if I will be getting an iPhone, what I think about the Iowa Caucus and the straw poll, and my opinion on how well Iowa news reporters have been covering the candidates as they stomp through Iowa.

Vern Beachy
Check out Vern's blog at

June 18,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 83"

Guest:  Alex and Lyndon from London, United Kingdom (Part 1)

Alex and Lyndon are members of the band "3 Blind Mice" and live in the heart of London.  Alex, Lyndon, and I talk about the relationship between the U.S. and Britain and the relationship between Tony Blair and George Bush.  But it's not all politics in this show, because we wander into 9/11 conspiracy theories, pop music, Michael Jackson, Homeland Security, tour stories, groupie stories, humor, and religion.  Our original conversation was 2 hours in length and this show serves as the halfway point in our conversation with the second half to be released in July.   Enjoy!

Alex and Lyndon - 3 Blind Mice 3 Blind Mice - Good Grief
Our Guests from London
Alex (front) and Lyndon
Check Out "Good Grief"
3 Blind Mice

June 4,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 82"

Guest:  Lynndi from Mobile, Alabama

Lynndi Maddox is a practicing attorney and teacher who has brought forth 2 ACLU cases, most notably "Maddox vs. Moore" which many would know as the "10 Commandments Case".  Lynndi tells about her litigation dealing with the religious monument and how it impacted her profession and her life.  Lynndi and I also discuss if the the ACLU is seeking justice or do they just have a political axe to grind, and we have a spirited discussion on "attorney talk", the role of lawyers in lawmaking, and why the average American citizen distrusts attorneys in the lawmaking process.  I also ask Lynndi her opinion on 2 non-ACLU class action suits to find out why they would be considered good lawsuits and get her thoughts on 10 presidential candidates to see which ones she would consider "ACLU friendly".  Lynndi asks me why gas prices are so high, what is my opinion of the death penalty, and what would it take to convince Al Gore to run in 2008.

Lynndi from Mobile, Alabama The Washington Post
Our Guest with "Elvis"
Lynndi Maddox
Former Virginia ACLU Head Pleads Guilty
in Child Pornography Case

May 21,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 81"

Guest:  Tom from Detroit, Michigan

Tom, the host of the "Left Wing Nutjob Podcast" returns for our second conversation about the left, the middle, and the right.  I ask Tom if he agrees or disagrees about the Democrats job rating vs. Bush, lobby reform, Democrats and the Iraqi timeline, and has President Bush held on to the wrong people for too long.  I also ask Tom his opinions about 10 presidential candidates and find out what Democrats he likes and which Republicans he's willing to give a listen to.  Tom asks me about my trusted news sources, if I stray away from certain sources because of bias, and if I think some good candidates get out of the presidential race too early.

Leftwing Nutjob Podcast
Why Many Big Time CEO's Failed
Check out Tom's Podcast:
My Article on Business Leadership  
Does This Pertain to President Bush?

May 7,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 80"

Guest:  Mark from Tyler, Texas

Mark is an independent journalist who has his own blog and podcast called RizWords.  Mark and I discuss how blogs and podcasts are shaping the way politicians now campaign and how the mainstream media has changed in there coverage because of the Internet, and shares a story on Barack Obama's campaign tried to take over a MySpace page from a supporter.  Mark gives his opinions on my list of 10 presidential candidates and rates how well each of them are doing on the Internet.  Mark asks me if I think independent journalists will be able to make a living at what they're doing, what role does government play in legislating technology and the Internet, and what can be done by the new media to further the dialogue with people in the Middle East to find common ground.  

Mark from Tyler, Texas RizWords Politics and Tech
Our Guest from Tyler, Texas
Check Out Mark's Podcast and Blog:

April 23,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 79"

Guest:  Imran Anwar from New York

Imran Anwar back from his busy schedule of appearances on CNN and Fox News Channel to talk about the challenges the U.S. continues to face in the Middle East and the key countries who play a major role in either stabilizing the region or de-stabilizing it.  The cast of characters we discuss include Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, China, and India.  Imran gives us his opinions on my list of 10 presidential candidates and how they will fare with the problems in the Middle East and how the Muslim world will see them.   Imran asks me if we are on the right track as a nation, has the Republican Party learned it's lesson from last fall, and what would I do if I woke up one morning and found myself married to Ann Coulter.

Imran Anwar ImranTalkingHeads
Check out Imran's website
Imran's Appearances on CNN and Fox News Channel

April 9,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 78"

Guest:  Jon Peder from Norway

Jon Peder is a 17 year-old high school student from Norway and is the Deputy Chairman of his country's socialist youth organization.   Jon Peder talks about his political involvement with his youth group and tells about a recent issue that they took action on.  I find out Jon Peder's impressions about America and Americans, and try to dispel some myths about the U.S. that seem to have been generated by his viewing of American mass media such as TV shows and films.  Jon Peder asks me what is my view on gay marriage, if I think a third political party will rise to prominence in the United States, if the KKK is gaining ground in America, and if Americans only care about themselves and don't care about what is happening in the rest of the world.

Jon Peder from Norway
Our Guest:
From Norway
Jon Peder

March 26,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 77"

Guest:  Eddie from Dublin, Ireland and the 9/11 Truth Movement

Eddie is a 28 year-old native of  Dublin and hosts his own vidcast named TedPod.  Eddie describes what Dublin is like, and some tips for people who visit Ireland.  But the bulk of our conversation centers around Eddie's examination of the 9/11 truth movement and his theories as to who conducted the attacks on the World Trade Center, how they did it, and what their motive was.  Eddie talks about the face-less elite, puppet governments, remote control commercial airliners, passengers being gassed, phone calls from the planes being electronically recreated, and the conspiracy that would be conducted by the mass media if someone came forward with information on this plot. Eddie asks me if I believe the attacks on the World Trade Center was an inside job, where do I see the world 10 years from now, and does money make you happier.  Encore presentation from August 21, 2006.

By the way, you can hear me pounding my head on the desk at the 41:45 mark.

TedPod Barely Podcasting
Check out Ted's vidcast at
Barely Podcasting

March 12,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 76"

Guest:  Wayne from Omaha, Nebraska

Wayne is a working artist and musician who joins us from Omaha, Nebraska.  In an e-mail that Wayne sent to the show, he wrote that he was not a very political person and had given up on the American political system.  During our conversation we talk about the root of his political apathy and I try to show Wayne that as Americans we all share a common thread to the American political system.
In our conversation I also try to explain that the thousands of dollars that we as American citizens spend in taxes each year is also worth an additional 20 minutes of our time a year writing to our congressional representatives via e-mail.  Wayne asks me if paparazzi should have press credentials, if Internet television will catch on and if that will be a good thing, and where do I think podcasting will be going including the potential for government regulation of podcasting.  

Worlds of Wayne Podcast
Freelance America Podcast
Check out Wayne's show at

Check out Wayne and Laurie's show at

P.S.  I did receive a response from Tom Latham's office on March 12th regarding the letter I talked about in the show.  In the note Tom Latham writes, "I am well aware of the situation involving telephone calls from the NRCC notifying individuals they have won an award. While I do not participate in the day-to-day decision making process at the NRCC, please be assured I will express my opinion about this tactic with the leadership of the NRCC."

That's all I could ask for from my Congressman.  Thanks for listening Tom!

February 26,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 75"

Guests:  Sam and Deidre from Gulf Shores, Alabama

Sam and Deidre are law partners from Alabama and I've asked them to share both their personal and professional opinions on politics, lawyers, attorney ethics, and some potential legal issues surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith.  I ask their opinion concerning Howard K. Stern's ethical behavior as a practicing attorney and toss out various scenarios to find out if they think there could be grounds for a civil suit if someone wanted to pursue them.  Sam shares a couple of stories about how the state bar associations can be selective in who they allow to practice law and who they decide to go after.  I also ask Sam and Deidre to share their opinions on 5 Democratic and 5 Republican Presidential candidates.  Sam and Deidre ask me what are the three worst problems in the world today and what would I do to change them, why isn't there a larger demonstrative outrage about the Iraqi War, and what three things would I take with me if I were exiled for life to another country.
Sam from the Sam and Deidre Show
Deidre from the Sam and Deidre Show
Check out Sam and Deidre's show at

February 5,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 74"

Guest:  Danny from Duluth, Minnesota

Danny, the host of the "Wonderful World of Danny" returns to talk about HMO's, universal healthcare, and the Presidential candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring so far.  Danny works for what he calls an "evil HMO" and gives us an insider's view to how one HMO tried to rally their employees during a closed-door company meeting.  You'll hear Danny's opinions about whether or not the U.S. government should be involved in a universal healthcare plan, and if the U.S. should do anything about high prescription drug prices. Danny and I talk about when the common everyday guy who decides to run for President, and Danny gives his opinions on 5 Democratic and 5 Republican Presidential candidates.  Danny asks me if buying and annexing Mexico would be an easier solution to the immigration problem, who my favorite Beatle is, and whether I prefer Hannity or Colmes.

Wonderful World of Danny podcast
Our Guest:
Host of the "Wonderful World of Danny"

January 29,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 73"

Guest:  Author Jeffery S.  Miller from Las Vegas, Nevada

With over 150 millionaires in Congress the average American may have this question in their mind: Regardless of their humble beginnings, is it possible today for these millionaires to genuinely be able to relate to what the average American citizen faces on a day to day basis?  Have they been isolated from average American life and lived in a circle of power and wealth for too long that they couldn't possibly have true empathy for the what the average American goes through today in 2007? 

We talk about these questions with author Jeffery S. Miller who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Since the majority of members of Congress are also lawyers, Jeffery and I discuss the connection between the bad public image that lawyers have with the bad public image that politicians have.  Jeffery also gives us his quick “average guy on the street” impression on 5 Democratic and 5 Republican candidates for President.  Jeffery asks me what I think we should do about immigration, do I think Congress will get anything done during this next session, and what do I think needs to be done to win the Iraqi War.

Author Jeffery S. Miller
Our Guest:
Author of "The Ballad of J.D. Higgins"
Jeffery S. Miller

January 22,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 72"

Topic:  Governor Bill Richardson, RC Gorman and The FBI Confidential Files

Should New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson seek the Presidency?   As Governor Bill Richardson sets up his exploratory committee to seek the office of President of the United States there are unanswered questions about Richardson's relationship with famed artist RC Gorman.  In October of 1997, the FBI began collecting information regarding numerous suspected sexual relationships RC Gorman had with children that spanned over 20 years.  Did Bill Richardson know about RC Gorman's alleged illegal activities that involved transporting children across state and international boundaries for illegal sexual activities? If he did know, why didn't Governor Bill Richardson do something about it?

Award winning journalist Vern Beachy, who conducted his own investigative news reports tells what he learned about RC Gorman back in 1999 and shares brand new information including the depth of Gorman's association with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and several catholic priests.  

Listen to the show, take a look at all the supporting information below, and draw your own conclusion.

RC Gorman
RC Gorman
Listen to Vern Beachy's Reports & Examine The Supporting Documents
View A Victims Story
Watch Larry Barker's
Report - 7/26/2006

January 15,  2007:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 71"

Guest:  Paul from the Third World American Podcast

I apologize for my mic sounding distant during parts of the show.  It was my fault.

Paul is on his nationwide tour of the Third World American Podcast and made a stop to talk with us in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  Paul and I have a good honest conversation about the homeless, poverty, and good and bad choices.  We take a few detours when Paul talks about his definition of good and evil, morality, stupidity, and what he saw as the injustice during the hanging of  Saddam Hussein.  As we wrap up our discussion we talk about a solution for trying to slow down economic poverty due to being heavily in debt.   Paul asks me why there isn't a war on poverty, and if the Presidential advisers are more important than the President.

Third World American Podcast
Our Guest:
From the Third World American Podcast

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