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"Excellent format with great balance of guest and speaker.  Enjoy the diversity and intellect of this fine program.  Excellent content." 
"Bill has a good mix of humor and sincerity, which provides for a very entertaining and educational show." 

"I get the chance to be on everything from CNN and Fox News Channel to smaller radio and TV shows around the USA and abroad.  It often shocks me to see how IDIOTIC some hosts in highly paid positions are.  So, it always is a pleasure to have a long, animated, even 'heated' discussion with the host and not want to 'Kill Bill'." 
"It's not the usual talking head, Q & A show, it's a compelling conversation that will hold your interest from the beginning through the 'Ask Bill 3' at the end.  It's always very interesting and CAN be inadvertently comical." 
"Bill is the man to listen to when you want to learn all about interviewing.  He can be brutal at times, but always brings out the truth." 
"A podcast original.  The host is a true gentleman, who, while not necessarily agreeing with his guest's point of view, provides a fair and honest forum in which opinions and ideas are freely expressed, something that is sorely lacking in otherwise 'professional' talk shows as of late.  Truly a must listen."

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December 25, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 69"

Guest: 2006 Year in Review with Vern Beachy from Carroll, Iowa 

It's time for the 2006 Year in Review and it's always a pleasure to talk about the news, issues, and people from  this past year with Vern Beachy.  We talk about the usual topics like biggest news story of the year, Person of the Year, biggest taxpayer rip-off, and the biggest consumer rip-off, but we also talk about the biggest surprise of the year, the small story that needed more attention, and the biggest "who cares" news stories for 2006.  Vern and I also hand out the 2006 Hosebag of the Year Award.  Vern asks me what I've learned from my interviews this past year, what was my worst interview of the year, and which was my favorite interview of the year.

Vern Beachy Boulder County DA Mary Lacy
Check out Vern's blog at
My Choice for 2006 Hosebag of the Year:
Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy

December 18, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 68"

Guest Host: Samuel Gordon-Stewart from Canberra, Australia 

Samuel Gordon-Stewart is our first Guest Host, and this episode is networked simultaneously with his show in Australia.  Samuel and his guest from America talk about various topics related to the Christmas season such as consumerism, religion, and how cultures and beliefs outside of Christianity view and perceive the holiday.  Bill also shares a funny story about a personal Christmas experience.  During "Ask Samuel 3", Samuel is asked about one of his family traditions at Christmas, how he thinks others who don't celebrate the holiday perceive Christmas, and what policy needs to be changed for Australia to be stronger in the years ahead.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel's Persiflage Podcast
Our First Guest Host
Samuel Gordon-Stewart
Check out Samuel's Podcast
Samuel's Persiflage

December 11, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 67"

Guest: Harrine Freeman from Washington, D.C. 

Author Harrine Freeman from Washington D.C. is our guest to talk about an important holiday topic, the credit card business.  Harrine and I discuss why the credit card companies target undergraduate students and individuals who will most likely not pay their bills on time.  We talk about the root and the size of the problem in the U.S. and I dig into how credit card companies market and prey upon those individuals that are most vulnerable to interest fees and late charges, and you'll hear a credit horror story of how someone became $1,000,000 in debt.  We also discuss why the educational system in this country isn't doing enough to teach young people how to manage their finances, and what pitfalls some consumers fall into during the holiday season.  

How to Get Out of Debt by Harrine Freeman
Our Guest's New Book:
How To Get Out of Debt - Get an "A" Credit Rating for Free
Harrine Freeman

If you have questions about your credit situation, you may contact Harrine Freeman at (202) 251-2503 or send an email to her at  [email protected]

December 4, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 66"

Guest: Adam Reuter and The 6 Degrees from Truth - Michael Moore

Filmmaker Adam Reuter from Baltimore, Maryland joins us to talk about his latest DVD, "The 6 Degrees from Truth:  Michael Moore".  I ask Adam if Michael Moore is still a working class guy, and if his films are more personal essays than documentaries. We dig into the inconsistencies in two of Michael Moore's films, Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, and I play devil's advocate with Michael Moore's creative license on both of these films.  Adam and I also talk about the Teacher's Guide for Fahrenheit 9/11 and how a far left liberal view is being presented in some classrooms across America.  Adam asks me what was my most embarrassing teenage moment, if I had the choice what time period would I like to live in, and what was my favorite Christmas gift as a child.

Adam Reuter Rants and Raves by Adam Reuter
Our Guest:
6 Degrees from Truth:  Michael Moore
Adam Reuter
Visit Adam's Podcast:
Rants and Raves
Adam Reuter
The official Michael Moore website:

November 20, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 65"

Guests:  Midas, Larry, and Dee from the Common Sense Political Party

The principles from the Common Sense Political Party join us for one of their first interviews.  Midas Welby, their Presidential Candidate for 2008 is the main spokesperson during our conversation and he's supported by his Vice Presidential running mate Larry, and Dee who is their campaign manager.  I ask them why they are the catalyst for change in the U.S., details about their campaign, and about their solution for the healthcare crisis and the war in Iraq.  I also ask Midas, Larry, and Dee about international issues including the trade deficit with China and relations with Pakistan.  At the end of our conversation Midas explains their proposal for income tax reform which includes a 4 percent flat tax.

Midas Welby for President Common Sense Political Party
One of Our Guests:
Presidential Candidate
Midas Welby
For More Information
About the Common Sense Party:

November 13, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 64"

Guest:  Jeremy Borash from TNA iMPACT!

Jeremy Borash joins us from Nashville, Tennessee and serves as the backstage interviewer for all TNA "iMPACT!" and Pay-Per-View events.  Jeremy talks about pro wrestling and his days working for me as my Operations Director and Morning Personality in Fort Dodge.  In our conversation Jeremy tells a few stories about what goes on behind-the-scenes in pro wrestling and stories from his Fort Dodge radio days including the famous Wheel of Meat. Jeremy asks me if I've ever seen a pro wrestling move used in an actual fight, asks me to name the cable TV network his show is on, and to name the star of the TV show that Jeremy had an appearance on.

Jeremy Borash TNA iMPACT
Our Guest:
Jeremy Borash
Check out Jeremy  Borash
Thursdays, Primetime
TNA iMPACT! on Spike TV

October 30, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 63"

Guest:  Peter Reddy from Killcare, Australia

Peter Reddy returns for another conversation on what is going on in Australia and the world, and how the world views the United States.  Peter and I discuss the recent comments by Muslim leader Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, and discuss whether the U.S. has more friends or more enemies.  Throughout the discussion we talk about China, and how Chinese imports are ruining both the Australian and American economies.  Peter asks me if I think there will be a time when religion will no longer be relevant, if the world would be the same without art, and if I think the Internet will kill Television.

Peter Reddy on Peter Reddy's Artwork on
View Peter's Interview from Australian TV
"Yianni's City Life"
on YouTube
Samples of Peter's Fantastic Art Work on YouTube

October 23, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 62"

Guest:  Will from Omaha, Nebraska

Will is the host of Smart Bomb Radio which he produces from Omaha, Nebraska.  Will and I trade off views in a what-do-you-think/here's- what-I-think forum.  Topics that we tackle include if Iraq is another Vietnam, is China sincere with their pledge to uphold UN sanctions against North Korea, and who's going to come out the winners in the elections next month, the Democrats or the Republicans.  Will asks me if I prefer ninjas or pirates, if I could sucker punch one person who would it be, and what is my favorite band of all time.

Smart Bomb Radio Smart Bomb Radio
Artist Rendering
Will from Omaha, Nebraska
Check out Will's podcast

October 16, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 61"

Guest:  Barry from Chicago, Illinois

Barry lives in Chicago and is the host of the Barely Podcasting Podcast.  Barry and I play true or false with a number of issues in the news today including North Korea, President Bush, Hillary Clinton, Mel Gibson, and George Washington.  We also discuss why the Muslims have given Osama Bin Laden a free pass, and I give my opinion on a trade to bring in Osama alive.  Barry asks me if money were not an issue what would I do for the rest of my life, what sporting event would I love to see, and who would make up the perfect rock band if I could choose the members.

Barely Podcasting
Our Guest From Chicago, Illinois
Check out Barry's podcast at

October 9, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 60"

Guest:  Imran Anwar and North Korea, Osama, & Iraq

We've asked Imran Anwar back from his busy schedule of appearances on CNN and Fox News Channel to talk about what is going on right now in North Korea, Iran, and Iraq.  First and foremost we talk about North Korea and  the country's intent on testing a nuclear weapon.  We discuss whether Osama Bin Laden is still alive or not, why the Muslim world has given Osama Bin Laden a free pass, and we take the gloves off over issues including whether President Bush is a religious zealot or not, the comparison between President Bush and Ronald Reagan, and what was the role that Congress played in starting the War on Terror.  I also ask if there has ever been a time when the Arab world hasn't hated the United States.  Imran asks me what I think the solution to Iraq is, will my solution make Iraq a larger breeding ground for terrorists, and is it a matter of time before members of Hezbollah attack the United States because of our support of Israel.

Imran Anwar ImranTalkingHeads
Check out Imran's website
Imran's Appearances on CNN and Fox News Channel

October 2, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 59"

Guest:  Tom from Detroit, Michigan

Tom lives in the Detroit area and is the host of the Leftwing Nutjob Podcast.  Tom and I talk about how people form their political views and talk about how good it is to share opposing political views.  Then we get into the political views.  I ask what are the Democrats offering to make a voter say they're tough on terrorism, how the left views the Muslim world, and how the left is helped or hurt by Michael Moore's films.  I also ask if Hillary Clinton should give up her presidential aspirations.  Tom and I also get out the crystal ball and give our predictions for the Democratic and Republican tickets in 2008.  Tom asks me about Gregg Rolie vs. Jonathan Cain in a Journey showdown, what do I think have been the factors behind the decline of terrestrial radio, and if I was President Bush what would I have done differently in conducting the War on Terror.
Leftwing Nutjob Podcast Bill & Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack
Check out Tom's Podcast:
Answering My Tough Questions in 2001:
Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa

September 25, 2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 58"

Guest:  Mark Horner, Author of "September Sacrifice"

Mark Horner is the author of "September Sacrifice", a fascinating book about the Girly Chew Hossencofft Murder case.  It's a true story about a decent, hard-working woman, her greedy soon-to-be ex-husband who is a master manipulator, and his new girlfriend/accomplice who believed that reptilian shape shifting aliens live among us.  Mark asks me what a person needs to start and maintain a successful podcast, if I think the future of traditional radio programming is threatened by podcasting, and if I wonder where my career would have gone had I stayed on-the-air as an announcer.  Encore presentation, originally aired November 8, 2005.

September Sacrifice Book Cover Grily photo Diazane & Girly diazen orange jumpsuit
Check out Mark's site
Girly Chew Diazien Hossencofft & Girly Diazien Hossencofft

Photos courtesy of Mark Horner

September 18,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 57"

Guest:  Thom from Chicago, Illinois

Thom is the MC, writer, and co-creator of The Flying Cat Circus.  Thom talks about his show and how much trust is involved when he's sawing an apple in half with a chain saw while someone else holds it in their mouth.  Thom tells how he's been injured practicing his show, and Thom also shares a funny story about the worst gig he ever did from a Harley-Davidson dealership that also featured a guitarist from Warrant.  Thom asks me what podcasts do I listen to, what is my favorite tech toy, and if I was in a circus what would my act be.

The Flying Cat Circus My Name is Chance Farewell Redemption
Check out Thom's show
Musical Guest:
Farewell Redemption
"Release Me" & "Get By"

September 11,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 56"

Guest:  Patrick the "Armchair President" from Gilbert, Arizona

Patrick is known as the Armchair President and has launched a non-traditional political campaign for President of the United States. Patrick and I discuss his non-traditional campaign in depth including his lack of political experience and his solutions for the problems that face our country today.  Patrick describes his view of how our Constitution has eroded, and shares whom he would choose as his Vice Presidential running mate if he received the Democratic Nomination for 2008.  Patrick asks me which episodes of this show is the most popular with our audience and which is my personal favorite, what I think about the War on Terror, and where would I like to see my podcast be in the future.

Armchair President George Washington
Check out Patrick's Campaign
Our First President
George Washington

September 4,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 55"

Guest:  Mike from San Francisco, California

Mike lives in San Francisco and is the host of the Cool As Hell Theatre Podcast.  Mike and I talk about the San Francisco Fringe Festival and some of the festival's featured artists and performances.  There are some strange ones at the SF Fringe Festival, including a performance based around a fictional suicide art movement, which begs me to ask the question if these performers are disconnected from the rest of the world.  We also talk about the arrest of John Mark Karr and what people in San Francisco are saying about it.  Mike asks me what would I tell the victims of Hurricane Katrina right now if I was the President, what makes me an advertising guru, and what three motorcycles would I take with me if I were stranded on a desert  island.

Mike from Cool As Hell Theatre Podcast My Name is Chance
Listen to Mike's Podcast
Chance - Win An Ipod Nano

August 28,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 54"

Guest:  Malcolm From Singapore

Here's an encore presentation of our rare interview with an enlisted man in the Singapore military by the name of Malcolm.  It's rare because the Singapore Government can sue a citizen for speaking out against them (as explained in this interview) and for that reason many do not share their opinions openly, especially with outside media.  But in our interview, Malcolm shares his views on the Singapore Government, gives his opinions on the execution of an Australian citizen, and explains how and why the Singapore Government controls the media.  Malcolm asks me about Black Friday shopping, about the military draft in the United States, how are U.S. relations with Mexico and Canada, and if Americans see themselves as the "gangsters of the world".

August 21,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 53"

Guest:  Eddie from Dublin, Ireland and the 9/11 Truth Movement

Eddie is a 28 year-old native of  Dublin and hosts his own vidcast named TedPod.  Eddie describes what Dublin is like, and some tips for people who visit Ireland.  But the bulk of our conversation centers around Eddie's examination of the 9/11 truth movement and his theories as to who conducted the attacks on the World Trade Center, how they did it, and what their motive was.  Eddie talks about the face-less elite, puppet governments, remote control commercial airliners, passengers being gassed, phone calls from the planes being electronically recreated, and the conspiracy that would be conducted by the mass media if someone came forward with information on this plot. Eddie asks me if I believe the attacks on the World Trade Center was an inside job, where do I see the world 10 years from now, and does money make you happier.  

By the way, you can hear me pounding my head on the desk at the 41:45 mark.

TedPod Barely Podcasting
Ted's vidcast, TedPod

Barely Podcasting

August 14,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 52"

Guest:  Samuel Gordon-Stewart from Canberra, Australia

Samuel is a 19-year old blogger and podcaster from Canberra, Australia.  Samuel and I talk about forum bullies and he tells of his negative experience with another blogger.  Samuel describes the condition of Australia today, we find out what Australians are saying about the war between Israel and Hezbollah, and what is the biggest international concern of Australia.  Samuel asks me to share a weird dream that I had recently, what advice could I give to someone that wants to start their own podcast, and if I had the power to change one thing in the world, what would that be.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel's Persiflage Podcast
Check out Samuel's blog at
Check out Samuel's Podcast
Samuel's Persiflage

August 7,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 51"

Guest:  Steve from Maple Grove, Minnesota

Steve was our very first guest, and we've brought him back to compare how his view on the world has changed over the past year.  We revisit the issues of high gas prices and terrorism, and we also talk about the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah.  I ask Steve what our country should be doing more of, Steve talks about the issues in Minnesota, and we get the crystal ball out and look at where Russia and Cuba will be in 10 years.  Steve also shares a funny radio story that includes you know who.  Steve asks me what was my favorite Mel Brooks movie, which musical performer influenced me the most, and where do I see myself in 5 years.

Steve from Maple Grove KRIT Studios
Our Guest:
From Maple Grove, Minnesota
The small radio station where Steve & I worked together

July 31,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 50"

Guest:  Toby from Santa Cruz, California

Toby is the founder of and we talk about the sports betting business.  And big business it is.  Toby tells us how big the sports betting industry has become, who is doing it, and who the big players are.  I ask Toby when did poker become a sport, and we talk about the recent arrests of David Carruthers, CEO of the online gaming company Bet On Sports.  For anyone who plays fantasy football, Toby gives an insight on how he picks his players for a winning fantasy football season.  Toby asks me who invented the window envelope, if I think a porn star will ever become President of the United States, and if I think the current administration is the worst in history.  Then we start to talk politics.  Funny how the conversation always turns to politics on this show.

Toby from
Our Guest: From Santa Cruz, California
Toby (a.k.a. Ace)
Check out Toby's site at

July 24,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 49"

Guest:  Charley and Carol from Israel

Charley and Carol from Israelisms Podcast are back and give us an amazing insight to what is going on in Israel during the current war with Hezbollah.  You'll find out what your not seeing when you watch the American and international news networks, who's is covering the war the best and who is the worst.  Charley and Carol also describe how worthless the U.N. is, what everyday life is like since the war started, how they see the connection between Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, and why you shouldn't be considered a civilian if you have bombs in your basement. Charley and Carol also have a special message for Americans and to our listeners around the world.  Charley and Carol ask me what is my favorite rock group of all-time, what daytime talk show host I would like to interview, and who I thought did the best news interviews. Israelisms Banner

Listen, enjoy, and subscribe to Charley & Carol's podcast

P.S.  You can hear the fighter jets over Israel at the 26:45 mark, and the cicadas in Iowa at the 23:10 mark.

July 17,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 48"

Guest:  Imran Anwar and Pakistan, North Korea, Iran

Imran Anwar is a frequent and popular media guest, including live interviews and appearances on CNN and Fox News Channel as an expert on global business strategy, socio political affairs, and South East Asia.  Imran and I go toe-to-toe on Pakistan and their association with North Korea and Iran.  Imran describes the terrorist movement in the Middle East, why North Korea has the most dangerous leader in the world, and why the world cannot afford a nuclear armed or an extremely wealthy Iran.  I also prod Imran to give me an example of one positive Muslim role model that the world can look up to today.  Imran asks me what the average American thinks of Muslims, do I think all Muslims are trying to do the west in or is it just a few, and what can we do as Americans to build bridges throughout the world.

By the way, count how many times the word "nutjob" is used in the show.

Imran Anwar ImranTalkingHeads
Check out Imran's website
Imran's Appearances on CNN and Fox News Channel

July 10,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 47"

Topic:  RC Gorman and The FBI Confidential Files

RC Gorman was an icon in the art world and considered to be a treasure for the state of New Mexico.  His friends included film stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  His work was collected by Barry Goldwater, Gregory Peck, Erma Bombeck, Lee Marvin, Andy Warhol and others.  But in October of 1997, the FBI began collecting information regarding numerous suspected sexual relationships RC Gorman had with children that spanned over 20 years and involved transporting children across state and international boundaries for illegal sexual activities.  Vern Beachy, who conducted his own investigative news reports tells what he learned about RC Gorman back in 1999 and shares brand new information including the depth of Gorman's association with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and several catholic priests.  

Listen to the show, take a look at all the supporting information below, and draw your own conclusion.
RC Gorman
RC Gorman
Listen to Vern Beachy's Reports & Examine The Supporting Documents
View The FBI Documents
Watch Larry Barker's
Report - 6/30/2006

Citadel Death Star
Read The October 6, 1999 Entry View A Victims Story
Watch Larry Barker's
Report - 7/26/2006

July 3,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 46"

Guest:  Vern Beachy from Vern Beachy's Raves Blog

It's time to review the news so far in 2006, and Vern Beachy is just the guy to do it.  What makes our prospective different from what you would see on TV is that all these opinions come from what we hear from the average person as being important, instead of an on-the-payroll media expert who is basking in their once-a-year camera time.  We talk about the biggest news story of the year so far in 2006, the biggest taxpayer and consumer rip-off, the biggest "who cares" news story we were made to suffer through, the best/worst TV news shows and much more. Vern and I also have our list of candidates for the 2006 Hosebag Of The Year Award.  Vern asks me about my worst dining experience, my best dining experience, and how I think the mid-term political elections will shake out.

Vern Beachy Leftwing Nutjob Podcast
Check out Vern's blog at
Leftwing Nutjob Podcast

June 19,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 45"

Guest:  Carrie from Lisle, Illinois

Carrie has been a graphic artist for over 17 years and is also a singer in a professional women's chorus.  Carrie and I talk about her neighbors, her commute to work, and the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.  Carrie also shares a funny work story,  her theory about the anti-Martha, and we play Celebrity Square Root.  Carrie asks me about the importance of  art in children's education, if I prefer my pop tarts toasted or right out of the package, and what electronic device or gadget would I never want or have a need for.

Carrie from Lisle, Illinois The Fags Phonocaptors
Our Guest:
From Lisle, Illinois
Musical Guest:
From Detroit, Michigan
The Fags
"Truly, Truly"
Musical Guest:
From St. Louis, Missouri
"Fool Around"

Music provided from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

June 5,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 44"

Guest:  Michael from Houston, Texas

Michael is a music teacher and produces his own podcast called Mikeypod on the Bayou.  Michael and I talk about My Space socializing and how it may affect the interpersonal skills of our youth today.  We also discuss the death penalty, the Green Party, and who is representing the left today.  Michael asks me what is my favorite source of news, which of my achievements in life am I most proud of, and do I see podcasting someday being as important as TV and radio is today.

Michael from Mikeypod on the Bayou Patty Hurst Shifter
Find out more
about Michael
Musical Guest:
From North Carolina

Patty Hurst Shifter
"Sadder Side"

Music provided from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

May 22,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 43"

Guest:  Kenneth from Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Kenneth lives in a small town in Kentucky and started a website called  I ask Kenneth's opinions on immigration, whether the government should provide for the poor, what this country should do about energy, and should the NSA continue to eavesdrop domestically.  Kenneth explains to me why there are pockets in the South that are still bitter about the American Civil War, and shares his opinion on who he believes is responsible for the September 11th attacks, and talks about a plan by the U.S. Government to use nuclear weapons on Florida in 1963.  Kenneth asks me if I believe the official version of the September 11th attacks, if terrorism is real then why were we lied to about Iraq, and should states have the right to secede from the Union.
Kenneth's website
 can be found at

May 8,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 42"

Guest:  Mark from Chicago, Illinois

Mark lives in a suburb of Chicago and is a licensed private pilot.  Mark and I talk about the retired nuke plant in his town, bleeding heart liberals, flying, airport security in small airports, gas prices, and his worst job ever.  Because Mark listens to many podcasts each week, I ask him what advice he would give to someone who wants to start their own show.  Mark asks me what kind of motorcycle rider I am, what things do I do for warm fuzzies, and if something were to get me to leave Fort Dodge what would it be.

Mark from Chicago, Illinois Sonny Combs & Kitty Kat Rodeo
Find out more about
Mark's Podcast and Blog
Musical Guest:
From Dayton, Ohio

Sonny Combs & Kitty Kat Rodeo
"Like A Fool" and "Let You Go"
Promo:  Interviews With Ronald Lewis

Music provided from the PodShow 
Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

April 24,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 41"

Guest:  Brad from Sydney, Australia

Brad works in the advertising field and lives in Sydney, Australia.  Brad has dabbled in many things from film making, broadcasting and politics.  Brad and I talk about Australia's Stolen Generation, Australian politics, spontaneous human combustion, ghosts, and we have a healthy discussion on civil liberties.  I prod Brad throughout the discussion with the question of good and bad people, and good and bad decisions.  Brad asks me what I'm the most proud about the United States, what I'm least proud about the United States, and what motivates me in my everyday life.
Brad from Sydney, Australia Sound Republic
Our Guest:
From Sydney, Australia
Derek "The Bandit's"
Sound Republic

April 10,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 40"

Guest:  Karen from Omaha, Nebraska

A special encore presentation of our second show featuring Karen who lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska.  Karen talks about the undiscovered "gem" that Omaha, Nebraska is, the methamphetamine problem in small towns, politics, the Democratic Party, and her views on how people can make a difference when they don't like how things are going.  Karen asks me what is the difference between horsepower and torque, why the British drive on the left side of the road, and if I had an inheritable disease in my family and there was the ability to test for it, would I want to know if I have the disease or not.

Karen from Omaha
The Celebrity Pilots Supraluxe
Our Guest:
From Omaha, Nebraska
Musical Guest:
From Cleveland, Ohio
The Celebrity Pilots
"Have You Had Success"
Musical Guest:
From Minneapolis


Music provided from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

April 3,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 39"

Guest:  Bazooka Joe from San Diego, California

Bazooka Joe is the host of the Small World Podcast and lives in San Diego.  Joe and I discuss if regular people are interesting, punk music, anger, politics, liberals, death, and religion.  In a nutshell, all the stuff you shouldn't talk about, but we do anyway.  Bazooka Joe asks me if I have any re-occurring dreams, what's my favorite part of conducting an interview, if I could fight anyone who would it be, and if I could interview anyone in history who would it be and why.

Bazooka Joe Jims Big Ego
Find out more about
Bazooka Joe
Musical Guest:
From Massachusetts

Jim's Big Ego
"Cut Off Your Head" and "Stress"

Music provided from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

March 27,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 38"

Guest:  Derek from Johannesburg, South Africa

Derek "The Bandit" is a radio personality and club DJ living in South Africa and hosts his own podcast at Sound Republic.  Derek and I talk about radio from around the world, American music, the record business, we trade radio stories, and talk about where podcasting fits into the media world.  We also discuss misconceptions about South Africa and myths about radio programming.  Derek asks me why I have a podcast named You Are The Guest, what do I do during the weekends to relax,  and if I plan on attending the Portable Media Expo this year.

Derek "The Bandit" Patty Hurst Shifter
Find out more about
Derek "The Bandit"
Musical Guest:
From North Carolina

Patty Hurst Shifter
"She's Like A Song" and "Never Know"

Music provided from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

March 20,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 37"

Guest:  Ghada from Christchurch, New Zealand

Ghada is a Canadian who has been living in New Zealand for the past 3 years and runs a multimedia company with her Kiwi husband. Ghada and I talk about Canada, the accessibility of technology and the stress it brings to peoples lives, the bad image that Hollywood portrays about America, cellphone etiquette, and the problem of bullying in New Zealand schools.  Ghada asks me what is my perception of New Zealand, what's my favorite gadget and why, and if there was an unforeseeable disaster and I could only save one CD, which one would it be.

Ghada - Common Ground Tara Leigh Cobble
Find out more about
Ghada at
Musical Guest:
From Texas

Common Ground
"Drop Of Hope"
Musical Guest:
From Tennessee

Tara Leigh Cobble
"White T-Shirt"

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March 13,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 36"

Guest:  David from Aurora, Colorado

David is a college student who created the Gradients of Sight website and podcast.  David tells of his experience with losing his site and talks about living with low vision.  We also take time to discuss the situation with Iran and an article David wrote about the number of casualties reported in the Iraq War.  David asks me what would be the first thing to enter my mind when I encounter a person with blindness or low vision problems, if I agree with his threat assessment of Iran, and would I perceive someone with a cane differently as opposed to being with a guide dog.

David from Gradients of Sight Steadman Soft
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about David at
Musical Guest:
From California

"Wave Goodbye"
Musical Guest:
From New York

"You Make Me Wanna Die"

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March 6,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 35"

Guest:  Erika from Cary, Illinois

Erika lives in Cary, Illinois where she started a nonprofit organization called Giving Real Opportunities to Women (GROW) with the goal to provide a holistic service model to help welfare and single mothers pursue a college degree.  Erika and I talk about many issues facing the welfare system, the recipients of welfare, and the social workers who provide counsel.  We also talk about a Kentucky Derby winner and it's winnings that are presumed buried in GROW's backyard.  Erika asks me what question I would want Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates to ask me, what do I feel is the biggest misconception about welfare, and what do I think is the biggest cause that is being overlooked here in the United States.

GROW Podcast Grow Building AVA Raiders Sweet Justice
Find out more about
The GROW  Building where
somewhere lies a Kentucky
Derby Winner

Musical Guest:
From Chicago

AVA Radiers
"The Walk"
Musical Guest:
From California

Sweet Justice
"Sold Me Out"

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February 27,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 34"

Guest:  Matt from Bellingham, Washington

Matt Hartley lives in Bellingham, Washington and is best known for his work at Lockergnome and the ever popular podcast Weezy and The Swish.  Matt and I talk about computers, the internet, and technology from an everyday consumer's point of view.  Matt asks me what inspired me to get into radio, what do I think is needed in the world of motorcycling to make it safer, and if I see my podcast as more of a personal or a business venture.

Matt Hartley at Supraluxe
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Matt Hartley at
Musical Guest:
From Minneapolis

"Sugar Chalet" and "Run Rabbit Run"

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February 20,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 33"

Guest:  Su Maya, Spiritual Counselor

Su Maya is a solitary monk who has traveled the world and studied many of the world's religions, developed a unique style of healing that integrates cognitive therapy, spiritual clairvoyance, and natural remedies, and is an accomplished artist.  Su and I have a very deep conversation about religion, spirituality, souls, and evil.  Su also tells me about my Deja Vu experiences and reads my birth horoscope.  Su asks me what is my definition of evil and what do I think will happen to evil people, what is the purpose of my podcast, and what do I hope that listeners will take away from our conversation.

su No One's Kind Rocket City Riot
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Su Maya Online

Musical Guest:
From Massachusetts

No One's Kind
Musical Guest:
From Bangladesh

Rocket City Riot
"Cut Me Out"

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February 13,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 32"

Guest:  Monique from Beaverton, Oregon

Monique is originally from New York City, but today lives in Beaverton, Oregon where she works for Intel Corporation and owns her own restaurant Desert Noir Cafe and Bar.  Monique and I talk about the corporate world including topics like corporate diversity and where the new talent is coming from.  We also talk about the political cartoons which are causing unrest in the Middle East, and state taxes in Oregon.  Monique asks me where would I want to live if I couldn't live in the United States, what was my first rock concert, and what is my favorite breakfast cereal. Check Out Road Trip
Find out more about Monique's restaurant
Dessert Noir Cafe & Bar
Musical Guest:  From Oshkosh, Wisconsin
 Road Trip
 "Blind" and "Find A Way"

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February 6,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 31"

Guest:  Danny from Duluth, Minnesota

Danny lives and works in Duluth and is the host of the Wonderful World of Danny Podcast.  Danny tells about what's going on in Duluth and we talk about the President's recent State of the Union Address, foreign affairs, healthcare, and The Clinton's.  Danny asks me about my least favorite restaurant in Fort Dodge, if I agree with him that the fix is on for Hillary Clinton to become the next President in 2008, and if I own and wear a certain t-shirt while I'm riding my motorcycle.
Wonderful World of Danny Check out Mr. Nasty
Listen to
Danny's Show
Wonderful World of Danny
Musical Guest:
From Washington
"Bubblegum and Beer"
Musical Guest:
From New York
Mr. Nasty
"Rock N' Roll Man"

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January 30,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 30"

Guest:  Leslie from San Francisco, California

Leslie is living in San Francisco and is performing her one woman show called based upon her experiences from meeting over 300 men through on-line dating.  We talk about on-line & chat room addiction, the games men and women play while dating, we trade dating horror stories, and talk out about her reaction to the Mayor of San Francisco calling the cable car operators thieves.  Leslie asks me about  what item I would I take with me to a desert island, she asks about my most memorable date, and asks my opinion on which actor or performer hasn't received the credit that they deserve.

Check out Musical Guests Stereo Suite
Find out more about Leslie's one woman show at
Show Dates:  Feb 3 - March 25, 2006
Musical Guest:  From Los Angeles, California
 Stereo Suite
 "From Here" & "Don't Scream"

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January 23,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 29"

Guest:  Brent from Christchurch, New Zealand

Brent and his wife Shirley are the artists behind the brand name of NakedArt where human sculptures are created by taking a mold from a live model.  Brent tells how they are able to create their unique sculptures, and we also talk about what's going on in the world including how the average citizen of New Zealand sees the war on terrorism and how they view the recent comments made by the Mayor of New Orleans.  Brent asks me what didn't I learn at school that I now wish I had, what kind of motorcycles do I have, and what would someone see in Fort Dodge, Iowa that they couldn't see anywhere else. The Cardiff Giant
Check out Brent & Shirley's sculptures at
Musical Guest: 
 The Golden Gods
 "Dynamite Lady" & "Stone Fox"
Carved From Fort Dodge, Iowa
The Cardiff Giant
2004 Kawasaki Mean Streak
1999 Kawasaki ZX-9R Race Days Gone By track day 2
2004 Kawasaki
 Mean Streak
1999 Kawasaki
Past Track Days

Motorcycle photos courtesy of Bill Holst Photography, Mission Hill, South Dakota

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January 16,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 28"

Guest:  Leslea from Louisville, Kentucky

Leslea lives in the Louisville, Kentucky area and has both a blog and a podcast.  We talk about perceptions of government employees, and I put her in the shoes of President Bush by asking her 2 questions that were asked of the President during a recent visit to Louisville.  Leslea asks me what are 5 things that I'm thankful for, what 4 books changed my life, and what 3 places would I like to live in for a short period of time.

Here is the transcript of the President's Visit To Louisville, Kentucky  so you can compare Leslea's answers to President Bush.
Check out Leslea's blog at
Musical Guest:  From Appleton, Wisconsin
 The Cool Waters Band
 "2 Car Garage" & "No Use Denying"

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January 9,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 27"

Guest:  Raequel from Norristown, Pennsylvania

Raequel hosts The Triscast Podcast and lives in Norristown which is about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia.  Raequel wanted to give her views on Bill Clinton as a point-counterpoint from the last show (Show 26).  We discuss Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Al Gore, John Kerry, and politics, politics, politics.  Did I mention we talk about politics?  Raequel asks me what's my favorite soup, what's a cold remedy that I use, and if I could go back in time and have a conversation with myself at age 16, what advice would I give.
Check out The Triscast Podcast Manda and The Marbles Check out Badstrip
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Raequel's Show
Triscast Podcast
Musical Guest:
From Columbus, Ohio

Manda & The Marbles
"Upside Down"
Musical Guest:  
From San Francisco, California

"Harry Jones"

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January 2,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 26"

Guest:  Greg from Cleveland, Ohio

Greg lives in Cleveland and runs a very successful BBQ forum and is in the process of making his own brand of BBQ sauce.  Greg and I talk about many things going on in Cleveland including the top local news story on a very slow news day, how the Governor of Ohio is doing, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and you'll hear a tip from the experts when it comes to cooking out, including one meat that does not cook very well.  Greg asks me why or why not Stanley "Tookie" Williams should have been executed, if I think that if downtown New Orleans had been populated with affluent white people that the rescue response would have been quicker and handled better, and what legacy do I hope to leave behind.

Check out the BBQ 4 U Forum Check Out Road Trip
Check out Greg's forum at
Musical Guest:  From Oshkosh, Wisconsin
 Road Trip
 "Dear Cheri" and "Unglued"

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